The scheme was discontinued due to financial difficulties: AP Government

Dulhan scheme for marriage of Muslim girls

AMRAVATI: The AP government has told the high court that it is suspending the Dulhan scheme. She said the scheme was being discontinued due to financial difficulties. The scheme was introduced by the last TDP government for the marriage of Muslim girls. Under the scheme, the then TDP government provided Rs. Giving 50 finger.

Under this scheme Rs. Shibli, a leader of the Minority Rights Protection Committee, had filed a petition alleging that Jagan had promised to increase the assistance to Rs 50,000 lakh during the elections, but that promise was not fulfilled by the YCP government. The petition states that the scheme is not being implemented by the state government. During the hearing of the petition, the public prosecutor argued that the government did not have the funds to implement the scheme. Following this, the High Court directed the counsel for the petitioner to file a reply petition.

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