The life of Chief MK Stalin; Hindu organization sensational interview!

A consultative meeting of leaders and leaders of all Hindu organizations was held today on behalf of the Patna Entrance Pilgrimage Security Movement in Mayiladuthurai.

The meeting was chaired by Hindu Tamil Party leader Rama Ravikumar and was attended by various organizations including the Hindu People’s Party and the Hindu Maha Sabha.

Following this, on the 9th, all the Hindu organizations passed a resolution calling for a joint hunger strike demanding the lifting of the ban on the hunger strike.

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After this, the leader of the Hindu Tamil Party Rama Ravikumar told reporters;

தெறிக்கவிட்ட திருமாவளவன்; DMK circle in shock!

The DMK government should abandon its course of thinking that they should take control of the temples which may be faithful to Hinduism.

We would like to thank the Revenue Commissioner for banning the Dharmapuram hunger strike and making it known to the world about its importance.

Also, I think he will be the gangster. The DMK government is acting as an ungrateful government forgetting that it had given unclaimed land to build the District Collector’s Office.

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The police must act in a democratic manner, allowing black flag protests against the governor who attends a spiritual event. Tamil Nadu Chief Minister is being misled by someone.

The board promotes executives who can lift their teeth in support of the DMK. Chariot accidents occur because of Chief Minister Stalin’s constant actions against religions.

This is not good for the ruling government. We pray that the life of Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Stalin will be better. Thus said Rama Ravikumar, the founding president of the Hindu Tamil Party.