The Irrigation Department has revealed evidence that his brother had built the wall illegally

The Narsipatnam Municipal Commissioner demolished the wall of Ayyanapathru’s house in Narsipatnam with JCBs, alleging that the wall was built by occupying the crop canal and occupying two cents of government land. TDP leaders are outraged. It is alleged that CM Jagan could not bear to see the public response to the mini-Mahanadu programs organized by Chandrababu and hence the YCP government was making illegal arrests and demolition of houses against TDP leaders.

Evidence revealed that Ayyanna had illegally built the wall in this order. Ravanapalli Reservoir Branch Channel in Neelampeta Channel… Irrigation Department has constructed walls for Neelampeta Channel near Sivapuram in Narsipatnam urban area. Exactly where this wall was built, the former minister’s house was built. The Basement was built on the walls of the Irrigation Department. Irrigation department officials concluded that the channel had occupied up to ten feet into the river on the bank. The AP Irrigation Department explained that the wall was demolished in this context.

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