The decision to raise property taxes should be dropped: Ramadas insists!

Proletarian People’s Party founder Ramdas has urged the Tamil Nadu government to abandon its decision to raise property taxes.

The Tamil Nadu government has recently ordered a hike in property tax. In Chennai Corporation, property tax has been increased by 75 per cent from 600 sq ft to 1200 sq ft. Already, Rs 610 per 600 sq ft has been raised to Rs 1215 for property tax payers.

A 100 percent tax increase from 1,201 square feet to 1,800 square feet and a 150 percent property tax increase for homes over 1,801 square feet were announced. In addition, a 150 percent tax increase was announced for business premises and a 100 percent tax increase for educational institutions. Minister KN Nehru explained that the property tax was raised on the recommendation of the Central Government despite strong opposition from the Opposition.

In this situation, the founder of the Proletarian People’s Party, Ramdas, has insisted that the Tamil Nadu government should abandon its decision to raise property taxes. According to a post he posted on the social networking site Twitter:
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In Tamil Nadu, a law is being passed in the legislature to raise the property tax once a year in all urban areas. The property tax hike will hit not only homeowners but also tenants hard. This is unacceptable! Property taxes have recently been raised to 200% in all urban areas, including Chennai. With the people struggling to pay the same, the people of Tamil Nadu cannot impose such a burden year after year!

Incumbent Chief Minister MK Stalin himself led the protest, condemning the property tax hike in 2017-18. What is the justification for raising property taxes every year when the reasons for it are still the same? The DMK had promised in the election that property taxes would not be raised until the Corona-affected economy recovers (Promise 487).

Is it right to raise only the government tax which denies the rights of the people due to the economic situation? The poor and middle class have already been devastated by the economic crisis. Do not impose more and more burdens on them. Therefore, the Government of Tamil Nadu should abandon the decision to increase the property tax every year.
Thus he posted.