The court allowed Ayyanna to build the wall

TDP senior leader Ayyanapatra has been granted bail by the high court. It is learned that the Narsipatnam Municipal Commissioner demolished the wall of Ayyanapathru’s house in Narsipatnam with JCBs, claiming that the wall was built by occupying the crop canal and occupying two cents of government land. The elder brother approached the court and was allowed to build the retaining wall of the house.

Without giving notices .. Ayyanna approached the court that the Narsipatnam Municipal authorities had illegally demolished the wall of the house. The matter was heard in court. Counsel for the petitioner pointed out to the court that the wall was demolished contrary to the regulations. The court agreed with the petitioner’s contention and allowed the wall to be erected. The trial was subsequently adjourned.

If you look at what actually happened ..

In Narsipatnam, it is said that his elder brother occupied the canal and started the construction of the house. At midnight on the 19th of this month, the municipal staff demolished the wall of the house with JCB. Municipal staff said in the notice that two cents of the land had been occupied and construction had begun. The notice, dated the second of this month, has now been issued. The family members questioned that the house was built in compliance with all the rules. In the process, the police got into an argument with them. This prevented a large number of TDP ranks from reaching there. There was a tense atmosphere for two days.

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