The case that flows over Annamalai – DMK Minister who sketched!

Tamil Nadu Dairy Minister Nasser has said that legal action will be taken against Tamil Nadu BJP leader K Annamalai for misrepresenting Avin.

Speaking to reporters recently, Tamil Nadu BJP leader K Annamalai released a list of corrupt ministers on the DMK. In it, he mentioned corruption in the health sector, the dairy sector and the housing sector. The ministers of the department concerned have retaliated against Annamalai.

In this situation yesterday, in Coimbatore, at Avin company, Tamil Nadu Dairy Minister Samu Nasser inspected. He later told reporters:
Tamil Nadu BJP leader K. Annamalai has been making baseless allegations against the government as if he and I were rowdies in order to get himself ahead.

But it was only during the last budget that the plan to make Avin Health Mix was announced. Leaving the Avin Health Mix mix to be so, he spread unsubstantiated and false information that the Minister of Medicine and Public Welfare had bought the private sector for Rs 77 crore. Annamalai will definitely be prosecuted for this.
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During the last AIADMK regime there was an attempt to illegally recruit in the vacancies of Avin company. But then when the DMK came to power they were put on hold. Vacancies will be filled with transparency so that no mistakes can be made by implementing them now.
This was stated by Minister Nasser.

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