Temple Castle Retirement Home: Government Guarantee in Court

The government had announced that old age homes would be started with the funds of temples in Tamil Nadu.

Accordingly, a government order was issued on January 12 on behalf of the Department of Hindu Religious Affairs regarding the opening of old age homes using Rs. 16.30 crore from the Villivakkam Sridevi Paliamman and Elangiyamman temple funds, Rs. 13.50 crore from the Tirunelveli Nellaiyappar temple and Rs. 15.20 crore from the Palani Dandayutha style temple.

DR Ramesh had filed a case against this in the High Court. The case came up for hearing in a session of Justices Swaminathan and Senthil Kumar Ramamurthy. The petitioner then argued that the government could not use the temple funds as per law.

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Meanwhile, when the Attorney General said that the government had set up committees for the appointment of trustees, the judges noted that the government could not use the temple funds.

The Attorney General, who subsequently sought leave to respond to the petition, assured that the temple funds would not be used until then.

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The judges, who recorded this, ordered the state to respond to the petition and adjourned the hearing to June 13.