Telangana: Why did you do this .. with two children .. mother commits suicide by falling under train

Tragic shadows fell over that happy family. The villagers were moved to tears when they learned that the mother, who used to go to school on a bike with her mother every day, was no more. The suicide of a mother who fell under a train with her two children has become a sensation in Nalgonda district. A woman from Nalgonda who went to Andhra Pradesh with her two children and committed suicide there has raised many suspicions. Ramya from Narkatpally mandal of Nalgonda district in Telangana was married to Janareddy from the same village. They have a daughter and a son. They did a lot of business and suffered financial losses. It was during this sequence that Janareddy’s father Kondalreddy died of an illness. Ramya and Janareddy went to their hometown with their two children for the monthly program. After saying that she would drop the children off at school, Ramya went to Nalgonda on a bike. Ramya went to the railway station after telling her husband that she would drop the children off at school. She took a Guntur ticket on the Sabari Express train. The train, including children, landed at Sattanapalli in the middle of the road. Ramya, along with her children, fell under the Falaknama Express from Secunderabad to Guntur and committed suicide on the Reddigudem section.

The family was worried when they did not return home in the afternoon. The call did not connect when trying to make a phone call. On the other hand .. Railway police reached the spot after receiving information of suicide. The details were known to Janareddy through the Aadhaar card at the bodies. Immediately family members rushed to the hospital and mourned the burial. However, there are many suspicions that he came to Guntur district from Nalgonda with his two children and committed suicide. Ramya and her husband Janareddy will be investigated based on the call data in the phone, the essay said. The cause is thought to be family feuds. It was revealed that a case of suicide has been registered and is being investigated.

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