TDP leaders angry over govt demolition of Ayyanapathru’s house wall

The Narsipatnam Municipal Commissioner demolished the wall of Ayyanapathru’s house in Narsipatnam with JCBs, alleging that the wall was built by occupying the crop canal and occupying two cents of government land. TDP leaders are outraged. Former minister Kollu Ravindra said that CM Jagan could not bear to see the public response to the mini Mahanadu programs organized by Chandrababu. The YCP government has accused the TDP leaders of making illegal arrests and demolishing houses. He said that no matter how many illegal arrests were made and how many troubles were caused, the struggle on the part of the people would continue. He said police had cordoned off the house of Ayyanna Patru on the orders of government officials. TDP state secretary Devatoti Nagraj said the government would repeatedly resort to partisan tactics against Ayyanna Patrudi.

Achennai criticized the Jagan government for turning Sunday into a day of destruction. He accused the chief minister of resorting to partisan tactics against TDP leader Ayyannapathrudi for bringing public issues to light. Jaganmohan Reddy will go down in history as the goonda king of Andhra Pradesh, who is said to be destabilizing the state with acts of vandalism, hatred and partisanship in the public sphere. If the police stop supporting the ruling party, then if the TDP government is formed, the police and officials will have to pay a price including interest.

Following the success of Chandrababu’s visit to Uttaranchal, the YCP government came under fire. With the influx of people to the TDP programs, there was concern among CM Jagan, YCP ministers and party representatives. TDP politburo member Bonda Uma alleged that CM Jagan Orvaleka was indirectly targeting TDP leaders in view of the support he was getting from the people. A former minister in Chodavaram Mini Mahanadu, a member of the TDP politburo, had made harsh remarks on Jagan, saying the demolition of the wall of his house was atrocious.

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