TDP called ‘Chalo Narsipatnam’ tomorrow

The Narsipatnam Municipal Commissioner demolished the wall of Ayyanapathru’s house in Narsipatnam with JCBs, alleging that the wall was built by occupying the crop canal and occupying two cents of government land. TDP leaders are outraged. Protesting against the demolition of Ayyanna Intigoda .. TDP party called for Narsipatnam tomorrow. TDP state president Achennaidu was incensed that the Viceroyalty government was committing demolition with the achievement of a political party. He recalled that in the past, Palla Srinivas and Sabbam Hari had also attacked properties. He was incensed that the Viceroy had become accustomed to attacking interrogators. Achenna commented that the hypocritical love that Jagan is showing towards the BCs will be debunked.

Narsipatnam TDP leaders and activists were outraged over the demolition of the wall of his brother’s house. Although he reached heavily at his brother-in-law’s house. With that the police are blocking them. The family members of the deceased are to blame for the demolition of their house. Narsipatnam municipal officials were outraged at the attitude of the police. He alleged that the government was complicit in the fact that his house had the permission of the municipal authorities and that he was questioning him. They said they would remove the structure themselves if they marked how much occupation there was. They demanded that the wall be removed and rebuilt if there was no occupation.

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