Summer Holiday … Happy News told by the Minister to the students!

Minister Anbil Mahesh has listed the various initiatives to be taken by the school education department in the coming academic year for the benefit of the students.

Life Education: Art festivals School, regional, district and state level competitions will be held to promote not only the curriculum but also the interest of each student in sports, fine arts and literature to showcase their full potential.

Art festivals and sports competitions will be held to showcase many talents such as music, drama, poetry, storytelling, puppetry, folk arts, painting, acrobatics, photography and dance.

Students who excel in arts and sports skills and forum activities will be taken on educational tours to world-renowned locations in India, India and across the state.
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Summer Special Camp: Special training camps will be held to celebrate the summer at the mountain tourist sites during the summer holidays to hone the individual talents of the students. In addition to school subjects, training will be given in topics such as ecology, leadership, human rights, social justice, feminism and futurism.

Hackathon Tournaments:
Computer programming forums and engineering forums will be set up to stimulate students’ interest in technology and computers. There will also be training in cyber security and ethical hacking and state-level hacking competitions will be held annually.

Mental health: Special training will also be given by physiotherapists as students can focus on education only if they are in good health.

For students in need of psychiatric counseling, psychiatric counseling will be provided by experts on the recommendation of the school principal.

School Garden:
School-wide vegetable gardens will be set up with students to encourage action learning. The vegetables, fruits and greens grown in them will be used in the school nutrition.

Happy News for Students – Minister Super Announcement!
Chess Tournament: State level chess tournaments will be held to arouse students’ interest in the game of chess and arrangements will be made for the winners to discuss with the International Chess Olympiad athletes.

Various magazines will be published for the students to promote their reading skills and showcase their creativity. There will be a magazine called ‘Swing’ for 3rd – 5th class students and ‘Honey Sittu’ magazine for 6th – 9th students.

Also, for the first time in the country, a magazine called ‘Dream Teacher’ will be published for teachers. Students and teachers can send their essays to these genres to express their creativity.

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STEM:A new program called Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics, also known as STEM, will soon be introduced to students interested in science with the understanding that ‘science is mathematics everywhere’ as a way to learn about science in everyday events and events around us.

Minister Anbil Mahesh said that monthly science experiments will be taught to the students with proper guidance and the science tools developed by the students will be displayed through the mobile science labs.