‘Stupid to read ..!’ – Senthil Balaji slams Annamalai!

Tamil Nadu BJP leader K. Annamalai has been harshly criticized by Tamil Nadu Electricity Minister V. Senthil Balaji.

Speaking to reporters in the Coimbatore town hall area, he asked Tamil Nadu Electricity Minister Senthil Balaji, “Did BJP state president Annamalai say that you will be the first to be arrested when the regime changes?” As questioned by reporters.

His response:
Some people are without job cuts. I have a lot of work to do. I do not need to answer to those who do not cut work. Do not smoke past milk. Likewise the dream of the one you said will never come true. They are the ones who compete with Nota. Competed in 100 wards in Coimbatore. Couldn’t even win a spot. You have to ask how many votes he lost in Karur. Why did such a heroic verse speaker dig the soil in Aravakurichi?

They paid Rs.1,000 per vote in Aravakurichi. Where did that money come from. Was it the money you put in your salary when you were an IPS officer? No. Did he give the money from the shepherd? Created the illusion of being an honest officer. Did he quit his job to serve the people ..?

We imported coal for $ 143. This is how many dollars worth of coal is imported in BJP-ruled states? We provided uninterrupted electricity here even when there was a shortage of coal. Why the BJP announced power cuts to factories in ruling Gujarat. In the coming parliamentary elections, the DMK will win all 39 constituencies in Tamil Nadu.
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Chief Minister MK Stalin will be the deciding force for the Prime Minister. He said he would pick me up and break my tooth during the Assembly election campaign. This is how he speaks in front of people. Do people who think they can work talk like this?

There is a difference between advertising and work. We are at work. He’s in the cut ad. With just four MLAs, how can one accept what the main opposition BJP says? He is a level politician. Local elections are conducted by the State Election Commission. But he is the one who registered with the Central Election Commission. He is the No. 1 idiot among educated idiots. Thus he said.

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