Stalin and first-generation ministers; How was one year of the DMK government?

The DMK government led by MK Stalin took charge for the first time in Tamil Nadu on May 7, 2021. Stalin became the first and 33 ministers took office. In this, Stalin had given the opportunity to many, the youth and the first generation. With the DMK government successfully completing one year, we need to look back at the performance of the first generation of ministers.

People’s Welfare Minister Ma Subramaniam has stepped up various measures to save the people of Tamil Nadu from the Corona epidemic. Thiai has worked on setting up medical camps, conducting weekly mega vaccination camps, and conducting a series of statewide inspections. He is also intensifying the implementation of a massive program called Medicine in Search of People. The public says the government is working diligently to upgrade hospitals and take health facilities to the next level.

It is noteworthy that Finance Minister PDR Palanivel Thiagarajan is a third generation politician. The 2021-22 Interim Budget and the 2022-23 General Budget have been effective in reducing the debt burden of Tamil Nadu and overcoming the financial crisis. The White Paper on the Debt Burden of the 10 Years of AIADMK Rule, implemented a variety of things that draw attention as a digital budget. It is noteworthy that from time to time he got caught up in the controversy of talking and posting things that caused a stir.

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Hindu Temples Minister BK Sehgar Babu has been busy in his departmental activities as he has reclaimed the occupied lands of the temple, collected rent arrears and treated all the castes in temples where priesthood and kuda immersion did not take place. Minister Sehgar Babu has played a significant role in bringing to the forefront the sector which was unknown at the time of the last regime.

School Education Minister Anil Mahesh said the regular functioning of schools was severely affected when he took office during the Corona crisis. He then focused on online education and the launch of new educational televisions. He focused on various issues such as returning the educational environment to normalcy and conducting the general examination directly. He has a reputation for being relaxed and articulate in any matter.

Minister of Forests K. Ramachandran has launched various projects to transform Tamil Nadu into a green state. In particular, he has set a target to increase the forest cover from 23.96 per cent in Tamil Nadu to 33 per cent and expedite the work. Elephants are said to be on a special path to prevent casualties, to set up an eco-tourism site, and to address labor issues in government agencies.
MK Stalin .. a year of action … and the advancement of women!
R. Gandhi, Minister for Handloom and Textiles, gave a discount of Rs. , The abolition of the 1 percent chess on cotton and waste cotton, has led to a number of projects such as the sale of khadi products through Amazon, Flipkart, Zwicky.

Dairy Minister Nasser has increased the purchase of Avin milk from Rs 36 lakh to Rs 41 lakh. Introduced a wide variety of desserts at Avin outlets. He took steps to increase the use of Avin sweets in various departments of the government. Despite the controversy over the tender matters, Stalin’s intervention ended the matter smoothly. He ordered to bring to light the turmoil that took place in the dairy sector during the last regime. It is noteworthy that some of the things he said during the local elections were controversial.

Adithravidar Welfare Minister Kayalvizhi has provided bank loans of Rs 328.5 crore to Adi Dravidar and tribal people with a grant of Rs 106.39 crore to start small businesses. Steps have been taken to set up Eco Tourism in Krishnagiri for the development of the ancient tribal peoples of Todar, Gothar, Kurumbar, Irular, Banyan and Wild Man. He brought in and made use of a retail gas station run by tribal women in the Nilgiris. One who can speak only for activities. Controversy arose over the involvement of Adi Dravidar welfare home staff in domestic work. But dismissed it as baseless.

Criticisms arose initially that Information Technology Minister Mano Thankaraj did not seem to be handling department-related matters properly. But subsequent actions are said to have responded somewhat to criticism. Notable features include e-service centers in all areas, internet access for citizens, and online problem solving.