‘Someone is directing Edappadi Palanisamy’ – Former Minister Pakir!

Former minister Vellamandi Nadarajan has said that Edappadi Palanisamy is being run by someone from behind.

In the AIADMK, after the demise of former chief minister Jayalalithaa, a dual leadership emerged. O. Panneerselvam was the coordinator and Edappadi K. Palanisamy was the co-coordinator. The AIADMK, which has been under dual leadership for about 4 years, is now suddenly on the verge of a single leadership.

Coordinator O. Panneerselvam has been strongly opposed to the single leadership slogan. It is also said that Edappadi Palanisamy is planning to seize the AIADMK’s powerful position through his supporters. This has created a storm in Tamil Nadu politics.

In this context, AIADMK coordinator O. Panneerselvam’s residence at Greenways Road, Chennai, was accompanied by legislators Manoj Pandian, Vaithilingam, Vellamandi Nadarajan, Kunnam Ramachandran and AIADMK interim leader Tamil Magan Hussain.
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Former Minister Vellamandi Nadarajan later told reporters:
Co-ordinator Edappadi Palanisamy did not agree with Co-ordinator O. Panneerselvam’s announcement that he was ready to talk about single leadership. OBS and EPS are credited with running the government well after former chief minister Jayalalithaa. Suddenly someone from behind directs Edappadi Palanisamy to want only one leader. OBS has stated its position that dual leadership is a must.
Thus he said

Following this, Perambalur District AIADMK Secretary Kunnam Ramachandran told reporters:
The by-elections in AIADMK were held and the coordinator and co-coordinator were selected and it was going on without any problem. Suddenly some second tier leaders who want a single leadership are causing chaos in the party. He opined that the OBS should have a dual leadership. As such EPS should state its position.
Thus he said.

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