Single leadership: EPS has a chance … says former MLA!

As the issue of single leadership has taken shape in the AIADMK, the party’s co-ordinator, OBS, and co-coordinator, EPS, have been holding separate consultations with their supporters.

While the EPS has not yet commented publicly on the matter, several party executives from the OBS ‘own district of Theni met Edappadi Palanisamy today and expressed their support.

Various executives and district secretaries, including former ministers Velumani, Thangamani, RP Udayakumar, Natham Viswanathan, MC Sampath and MLA Jakkaiyan, have already expressed their support for EPS. Today again they met with EPS. After the meeting, Jakayan told reporters:

Single leadership … How much is the AIADMK score card: OPS side warning!
Our position is that the AIADMK no longer needs a single leader. Edappadi Palanisamy also has the support of most party executives in Theni district.

When the question arose as to who would lead the party, the leadership, the district secretaries, and the executives of the leadership were already consulting on this. The issue will be resolved at the General Body Meeting on the 23rd. We in the OPS ‘own district are asking why we support Edappadi …

Modi will not lead idiots like EPS … Praise be to God!
The party does not want to go into trouble. But there is huge support for Edappadi Palanisamy across Tamil Nadu at present. It is a democratic duty to give him that opportunity if there is a majority. It would be great if you could give him the leadership position.

Efforts are being made to give opportunities to Edappadi as a single leader and to give due opportunities to others. Jakkaiyan said that Edappadi Palanisamy is more likely to be selected for the post when it comes to single leadership.

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