‘Shawarma’ banned in Tamil Nadu – Minister M.S.

In Tamil Nadu, Health Minister Ma Subramaniam has appealed to the general public to avoid eating shawarma.

In the Kasaragod district of the neighboring state of Kerala, the tragic incident of the death of a 17-year-old schoolgirl who ate chicken shawarma has come as a shock. Also, more than 30 students fainted and were admitted to the hospital. Following this, the authorities sealed off the shop concerned and conducted raids across the state. Also, the state government has ordered the closure of shawarma shops across the state.

Following this, the Food Safety Department decided to conduct raids on shawarma shops across Tamil Nadu to further shock the incident where students who ate shawarma fainted and were admitted to hospital in Orathanadu in Thanjavur district of Tamil Nadu.
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In this context, Tamil Nadu Health Minister Ma Subramaniam met reporters today. Then he spoke:
We are considering banning Shawarma in Tamil Nadu as well as in Kerala. Shawarma shops in Tamil Nadu have been subjected to intensive checks and so far more than a thousand shops have been advised and fined.

Those who eat shawarma are harmed if they do not follow proper instructions for making it. Shawarma, a type of western food, is adapted to the climatic conditions of the people of that country; The general public should avoid foods like shawarma.
Thus he said.