Senior Citizens Care … Government warns Kottayam people!

Sathasivam, a 66-year-old resident of Kodungaiyur, Chennai, had lodged a complaint with his son Madan, who had trespassed on his house, alleging that he had stolen property documents belonging to him.

The case was filed in the Chennai High Court seeking an order to consider and file a complaint to the District Collector seeking action against the son under the Senior Citizens Welfare and Protection Act.

Judge Anita Sumanth, who heard the case, questioned the failure to take action on the complaint filed last year and directed the government to file a report detailing the applications of senior citizens pending with revenue collectors across Tamil Nadu.

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Accordingly, in the report filed by the Government of Tamil Nadu on the details of the pending case, it has been mentioned that 292 applications are pending in various revenue divisions across Tamil Nadu.

The government said in a statement that it had sent a circular to the district collectors warning them to take action on complaints lodged by senior citizens within 90 days and that those who did not take action would be held accountable. The case is set to return to court in June.