Secret information about Annamalai … Stalin’s camel upset!

The Tamil Nadu BJP leader Annamalai had recently announced that the DMK government was in the process of shifting the Tamil Nadu Assembly from Giant George Fort to Mamallapuram, for which 6000 acres of land had been purchased and the government had been instructed to start work on setting up the new assembly.

Four members of the Gopalapuram family are trying to form a new assembly to earn a living. The BJP will never allow this. He had warned that not even a single brick would be left there.

It is not known how seriously Chief Stalin took this warning of the Annamalai. But his question is how Annamalai came to know about this before he announced it. Fort sources said he was furious with government officials over the issue.

Is there a justification for Modi and a justification for Stalin? – Annamalai G What is all this!
Just as there are different factions within political parties in general, there are always IAS and IPS officers who work in support of both parties, no matter which party is in power, the DMK or the AIADMK. Due to this the IAS and IPS are drastically changed every time there is a regime change.

Fort sources also say that opposition leaders and the media are leaking information about such important policy decisions of the government, either through high-ranking officials who are dissatisfied with the ruling party for some reason, or through pro-opposition officials.

Chief Stalin’s warning to the police!
Sources at the General Secretariat said that Stalin had told government officials that the new legislature should immediately find out who the black sheep who informed Annamalai about the matter were, and that the government’s policy decisions should not be leaked again.