Sasikala who sent a message .. OPS who said OK .. – Edappadi Anko Kapsip!

O. Panneerselvam said he was ready to work with Sasikala, said Sasikala supporter Avin Vaithiyanathan.

After the demise of J Jayalalithaa, the former chief minister of Tamil Nadu and AIADMK permanent general secretary, the AIADMK split into two factions. Orani led by J Jayalalithaa’s friend VK Sasikala and another team led by O. Panneerselvam were formed.

Edappadi Palanisamy, who was in his team to go to Sasikala jail in the case of amassing wealth, took over as chief minister. Subsequently, at the request of O. Panneerselvam, Edappadi Palanisamy consented to remove Sasikala and his family members from the AIADMK. This was followed by the merger of the two teams, the AIADMK.

Following this, the AIADMK General Committee amended the rules of the law and appointed O. Panneerselvam as the Coordinator and Edappadi Palanisamy as the Co-Coordinator. In the AIADMK, which has been under dual leadership for about 4 years, the single leadership issue has now taken shape.
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Recently, at a meeting of district secretaries held at the AIADMK headquarters in Raipet, Chennai, former minister T. Jayakumar told reporters that a single leadership demand had been put forward. Following this, action events have been taking place in the AIADMK for the past one week without any famine.

O. Panneerselvam’s party has written a letter to Edappadi Palanisamy requesting that the general body meeting be adjourned. The matter has to go to the Chennai High Court where the two sides have to meet in a room to decide.

Today, Sasikala supporter and former AIADMK South Chennai North district deputy secretary Avin Vaithiyanathan met him at O. Panneerselvam’s residence on the Chennai Greenway and expressed his support.
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He later told reporters:
We, the ardent supporters of Sasikala, support O. Panneerselvam. KP Munuswamy and CV Shanmugam have exchanged several quarries and are now united.
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Sasikala’s intention is always dependent on the mood of the volunteers. We are in favor of OBS. Therefore, Sasikala will also support the OPS. The OBS has never said it will not take a pro-Sasikala stance. OBS has told us it is ready to work with Sasikala.
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The OBS has said it will accept Sasikala’s leadership instead of Edappadi. Sasikala wants the party to be together. The OPS will definitely meet Sasikala if needed. If Sasikala wishes, we will take him to the General Assembly along with OBS. We who are Sasikala supporters will definitely go to the General Assembly. OBS told us he was ready to travel the path of Sasikala.
Thus he said.

It has been reported that O. Panneerselvam has decided to join hands with Sasikala who defeated Edappadi Palanisamy.

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