Road widening work … Such a problem for the Highway Authority!

Krishnagiri People’s Welfare Association Secretary C. In the petition filed by Siraj, the Central Government has stated that the National Highway from Hosur to Bangalore in Krishnagiri district is planned to be converted from a four-lane to a six-lane road.

Accordingly, it is planned to construct a bridge under the highway to facilitate the passage of vehicles and people near the national highway near Sikkarimedu, as the area is far from being used by many people, which will cause inconvenience to the people. He also mentioned in the petition that if the bridge is built, the traffic congestion will increase as there is a toll booth near Sikkirimedu.

It would be beneficial for all parties to build a bridge in the rural area of ​​Polupalli where there is a hospital, medical college, art colleges and schools instead. In his petition, Siraj has demanded that the authorities be directed to relocate the bridge under the existing road in the Sikkarimedu area near the Polupalli junction.

No ban on demolition of houses in RA Puram – Supreme Court takes action!
The petition came up for hearing in the session of Justices Mahadevan and Anandi. The federal government and the National Highways Authority were then ordered to respond to the petition within four weeks and adjourned the case to the first week of June.