Restrictions to be implemented again in Tamil Nadu – Government of Tamil Nadu Warning!

Minister of Medical and Public Welfare Ma Subramanian has said that there is a possibility of imposing new restrictions if the spread of corona continues to increase in Tamil Nadu.

A review meeting on corona epidemic prevention work on behalf of the Department of Medicine and Public Welfare was held at the Chengalpattu District Collectorate meeting hall. Minister of People’s Welfare Ma Subramanian was present. Chengalpattu District Collector Rahul Nath, District Assistant Director of Health Services Paranitharan and health workers from Chengalpattu district were also present.

After this, speaking to reporters, Tamil Nadu Health Minister Ma Subramanian said:
In Tamil Nadu, 476 people were diagnosed with corona infection in a single day yesterday. In the capital Chennai alone, 221 people have been diagnosed with coronavirus and 95 in Chengalpattu.
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Health officials have been instructed to increase the number of coronas being tested to 500 per day in Chengalpattu district to 1,000. In Chengalpattu district, 400 beds are ready for corona treatment.

It is the federal government’s policy to impose new restrictions when the epidemic rate exceeds 10 percent. At present the impact rate in Tamil Nadu is only 2 to 3 percent. New restrictions are likely to be imposed if the corona positive rate increases.
Thus he said.

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