‘Recover Raised GST on Essential Commodities!’ – Seaman insists!

‘Recover Raised GST on Essential Commodities!’  – Seaman insists!
Seeman, the chief co-ordinator of the Naam Tamil Party, has called on the US government to immediately withdraw the increased goods and services tax on essential commodities.

His statement said:
The United States’ move to drastically raise the Goods and Services Tax (GST) on everyday essential commodities is shocking. Eve would mercilessly and indiscriminately raise taxes to the point where poor people could no longer survive
The tyrannical trend of the Modi government deserves strong condemnation.

Industrialists, businessmen, the poor and the middle class were hit hard by the sharp rise in prices after the Modi government forcibly implemented the GST tax in July 2017, despite strong opposition from state governments. Since then, the United States government has routinely increased the GST on various items that people use on a daily basis.
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The GST tax imposed by the Union Government has taken away the tax revenue of the State Governments and caused their indebtedness to increase, and the Modi Government is continuing to carry out the brutal act of burdening the people with uncontrollable inflation. It is noteworthy that the GST tax on handloom sarees and yarn was already increased from 5 percent to 10 percent and the decision was postponed after realizing that the handloom and powerloom industry would perish.

The general public will again be severely affected by the tax hike on items such as knives, blades, spark plugs and solar heaters that people use every day. In addition, the tax hike on water pumping machines will severely affect the agrarian population.

In all other countries, prices have come down due to GST. But even though India was the country that imposes the highest GST in the world, the continued rise in prices is due to the administrative incompetence of the Modi government, which has failed to formalize the tax collection authority by entrusting it to the state governments. Therefore, on behalf of Naam Tamilar Party, I insist that the Modi-led BJP government, which is ruling the Union, withdraw the increased GST tax immediately.
Thus it is stated.

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