Rampur: Clouds of crisis over Azam Khan’s school continue, administration waiting for High Court’s decision

Rampur: Clouds of crisis over Azam Khan’s school continue, administration waiting for High Court’s decision

Rampur News: Rampur Public School, run by SP leader Azam Khan’s Jauhar Trust, is once again in danger as the time given by the High Court to conduct the exam in the school will end today. Today the school administration will have to vacate the building. In fact, after the Cabinet terminated the lease of the Jauhar Research Institute, the Rampur Public School run by the Jauhar Trust was vacated by the administration, after which the school administration approached the High Court for some more time, citing the exams going on in the school. Had filed an appeal, after which the Prayagraj High Court had recently given time till March 18 to the school administration to conduct the exam, which is being completed today. Today from around 9:30 am to 12:30 pm the children’s exam was held in the school, after which the school administration had to vacate the building by around 3 pm.

According to school principal Hina Mujdadi, he will vacate the school today and the next hearing of the matter is to be held on March 21, in which according to the principal he will present his problem. He said that there are 2 exams pending, after the exam result making and result distribution is also in the process, we will wait for the court’s decision and only then we will know what to do next. There is an atmosphere of concern among the students and parents as well due to the action being taken on the school.

Now we will appeal to the High Court – Principal
Hina Mujdadi, Principal of Rampur Public School told that we had got 2 days time from the High Court. The exams were conducted on 17th and 18th as per the schedule, but the exams which were on 15th and 16th are still pending. For that we will now appeal to the High Court.

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9th student Fatima told that we are very much worried about our future. Registration has been done in 9th and 10th is done from the school from which 9th is done, so we are worried how to go in 10th. If school broke up. This should not happen but if it happens then it will be difficult to be 10th. That’s why we are praying that our school should not be destroyed.

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