Perni Nani: Do you ask only one pic ..? Nani counters former minister’s name to Pawan Kalyan ..

Perni Nani on Pawan Kalyan: Politics is hot once again in AP. Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan lashed out at the government at a rally in Parchur. The YCP has lost the trust of the people. He suggested that if the CM made a mistake, the caller should be caught and deposed and Janasena should be questioned if he made any mistakes in the future. Pawan Kalyan clarified that he was the adopted son of Chandrababu, Urukobomani. Nani Strong countered the former minister’s name for Pawan’s comments. He questioned whether the sufferings of the farmers were remembered during the reign of Chandrababu. Nani demurred as to whether Pawan was the only Jagan to be questioned, whether in power or in opposition. If Janasena contests alone in the 2024 elections, he will admit that Pawan is not an adopted son. “No matter how many criticisms and allegations are made, people are still following Jagan,” Nani said. Dheema said Jagan was working honestly and the YCP would win the 2024 elections as well.

Is it true that the TDP government cheated the farmers or not? Now it is a betrayal of the farmers by the then government. Nani said Pawan Kalyan knew how to question the YCP, whether in power or in opposition. Pawan Kalyan questioned what benefit the central government, of which he is a partner, was doing to the tenant farmers. Shouldn’t even a politician take any action if government property is seized ..? Nani asked.

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