Pawan Kalyan asked the people to support Janasena

Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan today launched a campaign to ensure Kauluraitu in Bapatla district. As part of the Kauluraitu Bharosa Yatra, financial assistance of Rs. 1 lakh was provided to the families of 80 Kaulu farmers who committed suicide. Speaking at a public meeting organized on the occasion .. YCP leaders will be flagged in earnest. YCP leaders were incensed that they were being beaten with power. YCP leaders said there was no culture. He was outraged that he was being personally blamed if he questioned the injustice. He said how can we stand by and see if injustice is happening. YCP leaders should not blame anyone, anything, but anyone should question the failures of the government? Deposed.

He said those questioning the government were being mentally harassed. Allegedly the adopted son says when questioned on YCP anarchy. Pawan Kalyan emphasized that he was not the adopted son of anyone, only the adopted son of the people. Pawan Kalyan expressed concern that the migration from Prakasam district has increased due to the incompetent rule of the Vice-Chancellor. Prakash said that only politicians in the district have money and ordinary people are migrating with their stomachs full. Prakasam called on the Janasena to tighten the scorpion for women to change the plight of the district. Pawan said that injustice has been done to Andhra Pradesh since the partition of the state. However, the ruling party leaders did not question it. He allegedly went to Parliament and the Assembly to look after business affairs. That is why responsible people should be sent to the legislature. Special status, for Vizag Steel Plant’s own mines.

The job calendar will be announced as soon as Janasena comes to power. When they have the power to extort lakhs of crores of Viceroyalty .. Satta Janasena has the power to create two and a half lakhs of jobs. Farmers will be given a discount, he said. He said that many times others were given a chance and this time Janasena was asked not to give a chance. Pawan said the upcoming elections are crucial. This time people want to look towards Janasena. Janasena, who made key remarks on alliances, said that they have no alliance with anyone, only alliance with the people. Pawan, who does not care about the Viceroyalty leaders till Dussehra, said that they would hit the road after Dussehra to listen to the problems of the people and then they would be there.

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