Palnadu district: A young man who collapsed in court while playing shuttle .. was rushed to hospital

AP News: There is no guarantee for the next second in life. I do not know. After the corona .. heart rate increased. Changed lifestyles and eating habits are also becoming dangerous. Those who until then had fun playing and singing sometimes suddenly become disembodied. Recently, a young man lost his life. Kishore, a young man who had been actively playing shuttle till then, suddenly collapsed. Those playing the shuttle with him were confused. Hutahutina was rushed to hospital. Doctors have already confirmed that Kishore is dead. With the sudden death of a young man .. a tragedy took place in the area where he was staying. The incident took place in Chilakaluripeta, Palnadu district. Kishore, who was playing shuttle at 10pm on Tuesday night, collapsed with a heart attack. His life was lost in that moment. Kishore’s friends were shocked. Shed tears. Doctors say this happens in cases of sudden heart attack and severed nerves in the head. It is learned that the deceased Kishore was the grandson of the late Mallela Butchayya, former chairman of Chilakaluripet Municipal.

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