Pale fraud in electricity bill? – Public alert!

Rani is a resident of Toby Ghana Cottage Replacement Board apartment in Muthu Mandapam area, Vellore district. She has been working as a builder since her husband died. Rani is survived by her son Naresh and his wife Radhika.

In this case, the Queen’s household electricity bill was measured last Wednesday. The employee said that 24 thousand units of electricity had been spent at that time and he had to pay a fee of one lakh 60 thousand rupees for it. Rani and her son Naresh were shocked to hear this and went to the Thottapalayam Electricity Board office to lodge a complaint.

A petition has been filed on the request of the authorities to write the Queen’s complaint as a petition. The next day, the electricity staff went to the queen’s house, inspected the electrical equipment and installed a new meter. However, they are said to be unaware of the current electricity bill.

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The victim queen commented, “Our house with a TV, a fridge, 4 tube lights, 2 fans has no electricity as we go to work during the day. We only use at night. That too with the 100 unit free electricity scheme announced by the government we have not even paid the electricity bill for many months. We have paid 100 to 300 for some months. But now it has come to one and a half lakh shocking. Cooley said angrily how they could pay for this by going to work.

In Tamil Nadu, where people are already suffering from the power outage problem, the incident of various irregularities in electricity tariffs has come as a huge shock and the public and social activists have demanded an inquiry into whether the power plant employees are involved in any fraud.
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Meanwhile, electricity officials who described the incident said the old meter size of Rani’s house had suddenly changed from 1,756 to 26,426. They have said that a proper inquiry will be held in this regard.