Ongole JMB Church: Conflict between two pastors in JMB Church.

Another scuffle broke out at the Ongole JMB Church. A dispute arose between the two pastors over the matter of prayer. Immediately the two factions clashed. Mike removed the wires. Concerns were raised. The commotion in the Ongole JMB Church is turning into a tornado. The police had to enter. Those who came for prayers .. As the two sects split and clashed .. It was suggested that the prayers should end immediately .. and leave the church. Pastor Prasadarao vs. Pastor Ashir Paul. This is the essence of the Ongole JMB Church conflict. The dispute between the Prasadarao and Ashir Pal communities over prayers has been going on for three years. Both factions have resorted to court. Supporters of the two pastors routinely clashed as prayers began each Sunday.

It is their pastor who has to pray here. If we want to pray .. we have to pray that the mics are being cut. The melee, which takes place every Sunday, has become a headache for the police.

Guntur church controversy ..

It is known that the Church Fosters’ Fight in Guntur has reached its climax. One category is outside .. another category is inside .. they thought Dhee means Dhee. If one faction gets an order from the court .. another faction has insulted us as if it is the strength of the people. Tensions erupted in front of the AELC church head office in Guntur at midnight. Pastor Pardeshi Babu and his followers tried to approach the office of the organization as per the orders of the High Court. Shyam Sampath, who was already in the office, was prevented from entering the office.

Settles that midnight is not allowed. The foreigner Babu and his gang got into an argument as if there was a high court order. Upon learning of the matter, the police rushed to the spot. Discussed with both parties and worked to rectify the situation. At the request of the police, the foreigner calmed down and left.