Old pension scheme: Request for strengthening the Tamil Nadu government!

Seeman, the coordinator of the Naam Tamil Party, has criticized the DMK government’s handling of the old pension scheme as a green betrayal of civil servants.

This was stated in a statement issued by Naam Tamil Party Coordinator Seeman:
It is shocking that the Tamil Nadu Finance Minister has announced in the Assembly that the long-standing demand of government employees to scrap the new pension scheme and re-implement the old one cannot be met. The ruling DMK, which promised in its election manifesto that the old pension scheme would be reintroduced, has strongly condemned the present handling of the issue.

All civil servants who joined the service on or after the first day of April 2003 were forcibly brought under a new pension scheme called the ‘Contributory Pension Scheme’. As a result, government employees no longer have access to any of the benefits and pensions available to them. On the contrary, the then AIADMK government announced that only the amount due to government employees during work would be refunded when they retire.

However, from the beginning, government employees continued to express strong opposition to the project. After 13 years of struggle by civil servants, in April 2016, the then Chief Minister Amma Jayalalithaa set up an expert panel to look into the possibility of reviving the old pension scheme. The government said it would submit its report to the government within four months of the committee’s formation.
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However, after a long delay of three years, the panel of experts submitted its study report to the government on November 27, 2018. But Edappadi. The AIADMK government, led by Palaniachai, has shelved the panel of experts without disclosing the report.

However, the Chennai High Court in December 2018 ordered the panel to submit its report to the court. With no other option, the Tamil Nadu government, which issued a statement in January 2019, ruled out the possibility of re-implementing the old pension scheme. Thus the tearful struggle of the civil servants was again serialized.

Meanwhile, during the last 2021 assembly elections, the ruling DMK, with the full support of civil servants, promised to re-implement the old pension scheme if it came to power and eagerly awaited the announcement of the old pension scheme by the ruling DMK in the current assembly session.
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But the DMK government’s announcement in the legislature that it would not be possible to re-implement the old pension scheme on the one-year anniversary of its rule, with the arrogance that it had betrayed the ruling party, was a beheading of public servants.

The DMK, which pretended to support the struggle of civil servants when it was in opposition, is now saying that the promise made after coming to power cannot be fulfilled is a green betrayal of civil servants. Is this the name of a century in a year? Every time the civil servants waged their struggle for their just rights, the regime and the power of power suppressed and threatened their dismissal, and their struggle was diluted by the two Dravidian governments that had alternately ruled Tamil Nadu. Is this the name of the Dravidian model?

Therefore, on behalf of the Tamil Party, I urge the DMK government to stop beating the stomachs of more civil servants and to re-implement the old pension system, the most legitimate demand of civil servants who have been fighting for their livelihood for 20 years.
Thus mentioned in it.