OBSO, EPSO … only one leadership is needed … AIADMK MLAs prefer!

Amidst the growing tensions over the demand for a single leadership in the AIADMK, special information has been received on key issues discussed at the consultative meeting attended by key party executives and district secretaries.

With the AIADMK General Committee meeting coming up soon, the demand for a single leadership in both the OPS-EPS parties is on the rise. The two are consulting separately with their supporters on the matter.

Meanwhile, a key meeting of AIADMK executives and district secretaries was held today at the party’s headquarters in Raipet, Chennai.

AIADMK secretary Ponnaiyan, former ministers Jayakumar, CV Shanmugam, Valarmati and others participated in the meeting.

I told AIADMK Renda not to give up … OBS who warned EPS!
In particular, various district secretaries pointed out at the meeting that the delay in issuing the statement condemning the ruling party or the ruling DMK’s action on public issues was due to the fact that the party’s dual leaders acted separately on different fronts.

The meeting also pointed out that as a result of the dual leadership of the party, it is not possible to take immediate action against executives who act contrary to party rules at the district level.

Since most parties, including the DMK and BJP, have the same leadership, they can make immediate decisions politically or party-wise, and a similar position should exist in the AIADMK. Otherwise it will be like giving place to DMK, the meeting was told.

With whom in mind does OBS say this?
In particular, the district secretaries have suggested that the AIADMK Janaki faction, which split into two after the demise of the MGR, had suffered an electoral defeat as a result of the Jayalalithaa faction, and that a single leadership would be right for the party if such a situation was not to recur.

In particular, to come to the sole leadership of the AIADMK, the EPS is said to have more support within the party than the OBS. Sources in the AIADMK headquarters said that most of the district secretaries had said that the OBC would no longer have a single leadership for the AIADMK.

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