NTR District: The locals were shocked to see what was seen in the roadside barns .. even the offerings of God ..

AP News: Aadhaar cards and offerings found in trash as evidence of postal department negligence Aadhaar is the most important identity card for anyone. Also we consider the grace of God to be very sacred. But they ended up in the trash rather than the address the post office should have negligently reached. Apart from Aadhaar cards and temple offerings, postal staff also trashed wedding greetings, study materials ordered by the unemployed and notices from various departments. The scene was seen in Jaggaiahpet constituency of NTR district. The local postal staff was blindsided by how committed they were. Torraguntapalem) In the rubbish heaps behind the RTO office were found Aadhaar, wedding cards, notices issued by various departments, and offerings of God sent by post to temples as per the wishes of the devotees. The postal department, which had blown up the responsibility of adding these to the destination, threw their hands in the rubbish heap. Locals are outraged at the behavior of postal employees. The postal department, which collects money exclusively for register posts, is debunking what it means to throw things in the public domain. Authorities are responding and seeking action against those responsible.

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