Nitin Gadkari: 120 crore trees will be planted across the country, one lakh trees were planted today – Nitin Gadkari

Nitin Gadkari: 120 crore trees will be planted across the country, one lakh trees were planted today – Nitin Gadkari

Nitin Gadkari On Tree Plantation : Union Road Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari expressed his determination to plant trees equal to the population of the country. Today, Gadkari informed that this tree will be planted on both sides of the highways in the country through the National Highway Authority working under his department. He also expressed confidence that the National Highways Authority will complete this task even though it is difficult. Today, through the National Highway Authority, tree plantation programs were conducted at hundred places in the country. National Highways Authority planted one lakh trees across the country like one thousand in each place. 

In a program held in Nagpur, Union Minister Nitin Gadkari informed that the target of planting trees equal to the country’s population has been given to the National Highways Authority. The image of the National Highway Authority, which builds quality highways in the country, should not be created in the society as a tree cutter. Gadkari expressed the desire that the Highway Authority should plant trees in proportion to the country’s population so that the highway authority should plant trees and take care of them.

Green Environment Movement (GEM) in collaboration with various government departments including LIT Alumni Association (LITA) on behalf of National Highways Authority. This grand tree plantation activity has been organized. The campaign, which was launched as a part of the country’s independence celebrations, was inaugurated today by planting 1,000 trees at 100 locations in one day. The main ceremony was held at LIT premises in Nagpur in the presence of Union Minister Nitin Gadkari. Due to these trees which generate oxygen season, in future LIT area will soon be an ‘Oc‍Season Park’ Nitin Gadkari believed that it will happen. 

Launch of tree plantations (1 Lakh) by NHAI across 100 locations in India.#AmritMahotsav #GreenHighways #BuildingANation #ArteriesofNewIndia

— Nitin Gadkari (@nitin_gadkari) July 17, 2022

Meanwhile, Gadkari also suggested that schools and colleges should also use the student power of NSS and NCC to undertake a large-scale tree plantation drive in the school and college premises and not stop at just planting trees, but also give each student the responsibility of taking care of one tree. 

There was a perception across the country that the National Highways Authority only works to cut down trees on the roads. But Union Minister Gadkari is going to erase that identity through this initiative. He said that instead of cutting trees, emphasis is being placed on replanting them. 12 thousand trees have been transplanted on Dwarka Expressway. A proposal has been made before the Ministry of Forests and Environment to authorize each institution to set up a tree bank and complete information about the trees will be maintained through it. If one tree is to be transplanted, five new trees have to be planted and if one tree is to be cut, ten trees have to be planted. Gadkari also said that trees that absorb carbon dioxide and emit more oxygen will be planted while planting trees.

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