New danger for Tamil Nadu – Full curfew re-enacted?

There is a new danger to Tamil Nadu due to the new type of viral fever.

A new type of viral fever is spreading in Kollam, Kerala. Children under the age of 5 are affected. The virus targets children with many symptoms, including fever, body aches, and whitening of the limbs. This is called tomato fever.

The Department of Health has asked parents to be vigilant as the risk is higher for children under 5 years of age. In Kollam district alone, 85 children have been affected by the flu so far. The affected children are being admitted to hospitals and receiving treatment.

In this context, Health Secretary Radhakrishnan has said that the people of Tamil Nadu should not be afraid of the tomato virus that is spreading in the Kollam area of ​​Kerala.
‘Shawarma’ banned in Tamil Nadu – Minister M.S.
He said:
The spread of tomato virus in Kerala has been discussed with the state authorities. Precautionary measures have been taken in neighboring states to hear about the virus and treatments in an integrated communication system.

And the tomato virus is a new type of infection that already affects people with chikungunya. It is spread by mosquitoes that breed in fresh water. It is also known as the tomato virus because of the red spots on the skin. Tomatoes have nothing to do with the virus. The Tamil Nadu Medical Department is ready to deal with any kind of infection.
Thus he said.

Meanwhile, the daily incidence of corona virus in Tamil Nadu is increasing day by day. In Tamil Nadu, the daily incidence of corona has risen from 58 yesterday to 89 yesterday. Corona spread has increased in districts including Chennai and Coimbatore. Due to this, curfew restrictions are likely to be enforced.