Neglected Minister Ginger Mastan; What is happening in Villupuram DMK?

Villupuram District, Mylam Srimad Sivagnana Palaya Swamy Tamil College of Arts and Science is functioning. The 80th Annual Graduation Ceremony of the College, which is functioning under the auspices of Mylam Mombapura, was held on June 15 at the College Campus.

The Minister of Higher Education Prof. K. Ponmudi presided over the graduation ceremony and conferred degrees on 335 students. The event was attended by Mylam Pamaka legislator Sivakumar, Wickravandi DMK legislator Pukahendi, former legislator Masilamani, Sethunathan, Union Committee chairman Yogeshwari Manimaran and many others.

Ginger Masdan, another minister from Villupuram district, stormed in while his supporters were on their way to the graduation ceremony. The Minister who came to the graduation ceremony with generosity even though his name was not on the invitation was presented with a special guest chair on behalf of the college administration. But Minister Ginger Mastan, who refused to accept it, sat down as one of the spectators.

Meanwhile, speaking on the occasion, Minister K. Ponmudi said that the name of Ginger Mastan should have been included in the invitation to the graduation ceremony. At the time, the college administration on stage remained silent, unable to respond.

When the Minister of Higher Education K. Ponmudi handed over the invitation to the graduation ceremony, did the Minister not know that the name of Ginger Mastan was not included in it? Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online.

When inquired about the matter by a close circle of Minister Ginger Mastan, he said that the issue of not mentioning his name in the invitation had caused an explosive situation and on the night of June 14 he went to the college administration and called Minister Mastan and went to the college graduation ceremony in his name.

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Although Minister Ponmudi is the senior executive in the Villupuram district DMK, his graduation ceremony should be seen as an indirect manifestation of the power struggle taking place in the Villupuram DMK, with many expressing their displeasure that his son Gautama Sikamani is only giving importance to his closest supporter, including Pukahendi, and does not value other executives.

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