Nashik News : ‘Break’ to rioting, ‘No entry’ to Nashik’s tourist spots, otherwise action will be taken

Nashik News : On the one hand Trimbakeshwar, Vaghera Harsul Ghat, Kashyapi, Pahine, Bhavli Dam area in Igatpuri etc. are thronged by thousands of tourists. Other days including weekends are also crowded. But in recent years, the picture of hooliganism has increased to a large extent. On the one hand, despite the presence of police at those tourist spots, tourists can be seen rioting with the police. 

Due to heavy rains in Nashik city and surrounding areas for a few days, the crowd of tourist lovers has increased at the tourist spots. But considering the heavy rains and the rush at the tourist spots, the possibility of an accident cannot be ruled out. Moreover, rowdy youths have also been observed engaging in arguments. Therefore, the entry of tourists to the tourist places and forts of Nashik Forest Division such as Pahne, Dugarwadi, Harihar, Bhaskargad, Waghera, Bhavli, Tringalwadi, Kurungwadi, Anjaneri etc. has been closed.  

Incident on Salher 
Houshi tourists are going for tourism to dangerous places of Gadkiliyas in the name of Varsha Sahali. But due to this accidents are increasing and a young man has died after falling from Salher Fort. To stop this excess, now the police and forest system have given tents to the citizens. All forts and waterfalls in the district have been instructed not to visit dangerous places. 

Nashik Rural Superintendent of Police Sachin Patil said that citizens must follow the rules at tourist places. Rowing on the streets, drinking alcohol, etc. will not be tolerated. Direct action will be taken against those doing so. 

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