Nandyal district: An old pot that came out while doing employment guarantee earthworks .. when it was opened

AP News: On June 1, laborers went to work in Chanugondla village in Dhone mandal, Nandyala district. While excavating in this order .. an ancient pot came out. The treasure appeared as he opened the pot. Tens of white coins were found in it. Since they were white .. they were thought to be silver coins. Fifteen laborers from the same family took the found coins to their homes without handing them over to the supervisor. However this news circulated wildly in the zone. They were rumored to have found piles of silver coins floating around. Upon receiving the information, the revenue officials immediately went to the village and asked the villagers for details. Don Tahsildar Y. Narendranath Reddy said that they went to some houses and handed over 3.66 kg of coins which they first found. Revenue officials, along with police personnel, went to the village once again and seized 21 kg of coins from several people. The total weight of the seized coins was said to be 24.66 kg. The latest report comes after some of the coins were sent to a lab for testing. Lab tests showed that they were lead molds. Tahsildar Y. Narendranath Reddy said that they were kept in the sub-register office and the information was given to the collector. Lead is also slightly similar to silver. That is why when the molds were found .. the villagers took them home and hid them.

Nagireddy, TV9 Telugu, Joint Kurnool District

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