Mumbai Rain Updates : After a moment’s break, rain warning again in Mumbai; Orange alert issued

Maharashtra Mumbai Rain Updates : Although the rains are raging across the state, the rains have stopped in Mumbai since yesterday. But after some time break once again from weather department Orange Alert has been issued once again for Mumbai. For the last several days in Mumbai Heavy rain was falling. However, the rain has taken a break over the weekend. Due to the rain that fell last week, the water level in 7 lakes that supply water to Mumbai has increased and the water worries of Mumbaikars have been solved. The level of the lake that supplies water to Mumbai is now at 82 percent of the requirement, while three lakes are also overflowing.

Chance of heavy rain in some parts of Mumbai 

There was not much rain in Mumbai on Sunday. Drizzling showers occurred in some parts. However, the India Meteorological Department (IMD) has issued a yellow alert for the city on Monday. That is, heavy rain is likely in various parts of Mumbai today. 

Heavy rain in July 

Importantly, the city’s July average of 855 mm has been met due to heavy rainfall last week. The total rainfall recorded by IMD Colaba and Santa Cruz observatories is now 1,204 mm and 1,427 mm respectively. which is above normal for both observatories. 

Increase in the level of lakes supplying water to Mumbai 

On Sunday, the cumulative stock in the seven lakes supplying water to Mumbai was 11.88 lakh million liters (82%). 14.47 lakh million liters of water is required in the reservoirs by October 1 to ensure uninterrupted water supply to Mumbai. The total water storage this year in the seven lakes that currently supply drinking water to the city is more than the last two years. In 2021, the total water storage was 2.26 lakh million liters or just 18 percent of the requirement, while in 2020 it was 26 percent. 

Rain continues in the state

Continuous rain continues in the state. So far, thousands of people have been shifted to safer places due to rains in various parts of the state. So far 104 people have died. The situation in Gadchiroli is dire and due to the heavy rains in the catchment areas of Godavari and Pranhita rivers, there is a possibility of the overflowing of the Godavari river."text-align: justify;">Other important news : 

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