Minister is DRP Raja – Chief Minister Stalin’s gift!

There is an expectation that who will be given a chance during the expansion of the Tamil Nadu cabinet.

In Tamil Nadu, the DMK-led secular Progressive Alliance won a landslide victory in the 2021 assembly elections. In this, the DMK has won with a simple majority and is in power. Subsequently, DMK leader MK Stalin took over as the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu on May 7 last year. Moreover, the cabinet headed by him was also inaugurated. Since taking office, Chief Minister MK Stalin has been adamant that no charges should be brought against him and the government under his leadership.

In this context, the voice of Udayanithi Stalin, the son of Chief Minister MK Stalin, the DMK youth secretary and a member of the Tiruvallikeni-Chepakkam assembly constituency, is beginning to be heard all over the place. Everyone knows that the work of making him a minister is in full swing.

The cabinet is expected to be expanded soon, one year after the formation of the DMK-led government. At the time, it was reported that Udayanidhi Stalin would be included in the cabinet, and that some more young MLAs would be appointed as ministers.
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That is, the son of DMK treasurer and parliamentary DMK committee chairman DR Palu, DRP Raja is said to be appointed minister. In this connection, it is said that DR Palu had made a request to the DMK leadership since the formation of the government and during the expansion of the cabinet, the DMK leadership informed him that DRP Raja would be given the post of Minister. Sources say that in an attempt to appease DR Palu, DRP Raja has been given the post of DMK IT team secretary.

With the cabinet soon to be expanded, DRP Raja is said to be set to become a minister. With the Department of Home Affairs or the Department of Youth Welfare to be assigned to Udayanidhi Stalin, there is an expectation as to which department will be assigned to the DRP King. Moreover, there is an expectation that if Udayanidhi Stalin is assigned to the local government department, KN Nehru and the big black will be given which department.