Mercy-based work … iCourt deadline for government!

Dantapani, who was working as an office assistant at Karunkuli Panchayat Primary School in Cuddalore district, passed away in 2000. Subsequently, his daughter Sundari obtained the permission of her sisters and applied in 2001 for a job on compassionate grounds.

His application was rejected in 2015 after being left on hold for a long time without any decision being taken on the petition. Sundari had filed a case in the High Court seeking quashing of the order and seeking employment on compassionate grounds.

When the case came up for hearing before Judge MS Ramesh, the Government was informed that not only were the husbands of the petitioner’s three sisters in government service but also the petitioner’s husband was in government service as his family was not in poverty and he could not be offered a job on compassionate grounds.

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Refusing to accept the prosecution’s argument, the judge ruled that the petitioner was not married when he applied for the job on compassionate grounds and that it was unacceptable to dismiss the petition on the grounds that it was after marriage.

And it is not acceptable to claim that the husbands of the petitioner’s sisters are in government employment and that they will take care of the petitioner. The judge also ruled that the petitioner was entitled to be hired on compassionate grounds as the petitioner’s husband was working as a temporary clerk and ordered that he be given the job within four weeks.