MCD News: AAP accuses BJP of back-stabbing Delhiites, says- budget passed wrongly

MCD News: AAP accuses BJP of back-stabbing Delhiites, says- budget passed wrongly

MCD News: The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) on Friday accused the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) of using ‘unethical’ methods through officials to budget the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) ahead of the mayor and deputy mayor elections. Has accused of ‘stabbing in the back’ of Delhiites by getting them passed. However, the MCD said in a statement that the budget has not yet been passed and is still under consideration. Let us tell you that AAP has made these allegations before the mayoral election to be held on February 6.

AAP’s chief spokesperson Saurabh Bhardwaj claimed that he has come to know from newspaper reports that the MCD has passed its budget and for this purpose the election of mayor and deputy mayor has been deliberately delayed. He said, ‘The budget of the MCD is a very important document, which tells how much money the elected government expects to spend to fulfill its promises. This is where all the planning of the team is reflected and then work starts in mission mode to deal with the problems of the people of the city.’

BJP has betrayed the citizens of Delhi: Bhardwaj 
Saurabh Bhardwaj alleged, ‘But what has happened now, BJP has betrayed the citizens of Delhi . Despite losing the election to AAP, the BJP-ruled central government got the MCD budget passed illegally through officials. Let us tell you that MCD elections were held in December in which AAP won 134 out of 250 wards, while BJP got 104 seats. AAP spokesperson says that a senior officer of the corporation had earlier said that the budget was not passed. Later, the MCD said in a statement that it is informed that the budget 2023-24 has not yet been passed and it is still under consideration. After the mayor is elected in the election scheduled for February 6, 2023, the deliberation process will be transferred to the deliberative branch.

The bureaucrats of MCD who passed the budget are: Bhardwaj 
It was said that the corporation will complete the budget exercise by February 15, which is necessary under the DMC Act 1957. Sources were told on Thursday that the election of the mayor is the first agenda in the MCD House meeting to be held on February 6. He said that after this the election of the deputy mayor will be held and then the six-member standing committee of the MCD will be elected. Earlier, AAP spokesperson Saurabh Bhardwaj had said that the MCD bureaucrats who passed the budget should be asked to contest the MCD elections next time. This is a betrayal of the people of Delhi. People asked ‘AAP’ to run MCD. Chosen, but the ones who pass the budget are the bureaucrats of the MCD. What does this mean?

AAP spokesperson also targeted Congress
Bhardwaj also alleged that wherever BJP loses elections, it uses similar tactics. It uses governors to ‘obstruct’ the work of elected governments. The AAP leader said- ‘He has always said that ‘Delhi is not a full state’ and tried to obstruct all the development works of AAP. But they are doing the same in Tamil Nadu and Telangana, where the governors have tried to encroach on the jurisdiction of the elected governments. Even the Congress party used to blame AAP for not working with the central government till now, but see what their MLAs are doing in other states.’

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