Mafa Pandiyarajan who touched the EPS leg and bowed down … who waged a dharma war with the OBS!

With the AIADMK single-party affair looming large, it seems likely that he will be the party’s sole leader, as most party executives are on the EPS side.

In a way that confirms this opportunity. Mafa Pandiyarajan, a former AIADMK minister and voice of the OBS during the Dharma War, met him at Edappudi Palanisamy’s residence on Greenways Road in Chennai and expressed his support.

Mafa Pandiyarajan, who gave a bouquet to EPS, has gone viral on social media with a video of him bending over and worshiping his charity in the morning.

I have given my full support to elect Edappadi Palanisamy as the sole Chairman of the General Assembly.

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If the Jayalalithaa-led AIADMK is to win another landslide victory in the 2011 assembly elections, it needs a single leadership. I also echo this sentiment of the AIADMK volunteers.

The OPS understands that a single leadership is needed if the party is to function well again. Of course the party does not split; I hope this situation changes; I want to switch.

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I act on the basis of conscience. “I gave my full support to the OBC during the Dharma war. Today it seems right,” said Mafa Pandiyarajan.

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