Madurai Aadenam club problem; Panchayat to Modi..DMK shock!

Kanyakumari District Palappallam Naduppidagai, Muthu Mariamman Temple Ashtapandana Maha Kumbabhishekam was held on Friday.

Guru Adinam 293rd Guru Maha Sannidanam Srilasri Harihara Sri Gnanasampantha National Paramachariya Swamis attended the Kumbabhishekam event and addressed the devotees.

Madurai Athena later told reporters:

A request will be made to Prime Minister Modi regarding the non-granting of holidays in Tamil Nadu when Maha Shivaratri is declared a holiday across India.

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There is no point in asking the Tamil Nadu government. You say that Nanjil Sampath has said that the Madurai Aadeenam Sangaparivar movement is thwarted. To whom is Sampath throwing samaram in Nanjil. Which party was he in first? Where did he go next? Where is he now?

I will throw Samaram only to the Lord. Dharmapuram forbade the removal of the possession. Will he talk about the Pope lifting the tooth on the tooth, and the Islamists lifting the tooth on their religious rites?

Spirituality and politics are one. The government is in the temple itself. Politicians themselves become the Minister of the Treasury. The government does not interfere in churches and mosques. Interfering only in the temple is the same as politics and spirituality.

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I will meet the Prime Minister of India when the time comes. If they go overboard, they will have to meet the Prime Minister. I was constantly threatened on the telephone.

When he said he was going to the temple, he said, ‘Can Athena come here? We will not even let you touch the wall that is here. We will not let the return work be done. ‘

The politician can talk about anything. But shouldn’t the spiritualist speak? Support is high because there is opposition to Dharmapuram starvation.

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Tamil Nadu, including myself, is ready to bear the burden of tooth decay. It is good that the Minister has said that a social solution will be found in the matter of tooth decay.

Also commendable. This should be done in advance. If there is a problem with spirituality I will continue to give voice. Thus said Madurai Athena.