Lockdown again in Tamil Nadu – Government of Tamil Nadu such a warning!

“In Tamil Nadu hospitals, restrictions will be imposed if 40 per cent of corona patients are treated,” said Health Minister Ma Subramanian.

In Tamil Nadu, the number of people infected with the corona virus has been increasing in the last few days. In districts including the capital Chennai, Coimbatore, Chengalpattu and Kanchipuram, the daily incidence of corona is increasing. As the corona spread has picked up speed again the daily corona exposure is increasing.

In this context, Health Minister Ma Subramanian met and inquired about the health of the 80,000th beneficiaries receiving treatment under the ‘Let’s Save More Life – 48 That Will Save Us 48’ scheme at the Porur Ramachandra Hospital in Chennai yesterday.

Following this, he gave an interview to the press:
The Government’s Life Saving Project was launched on December 18, 2021. Of these, 669 hospitals are affiliated. No matter what country the victims are from, for the first 48 hours, 1 lakh rupees is provided free of cost and their lives are saved.
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Sakthivel, 54, of Villupuram, was injured in the accident and is being treated at Ramachandra Hospital. The 80,000th person to receive treatment under the government’s Innuyir Kappom scheme. A total of 421 people involved in the accident at the hospital have been treated under the scheme. In this scheme, in six months, 80 thousand 251 people have benefited. For these, 72.90 crore rupees has been spent on behalf of the government.

There is no need to re-establish corona control in Tamil Nadu. The federal government has been instructed to impose restrictions on the total RTPCR, if the number of tests is more than 10 per cent or the hospital admission is more than 40 per cent. That situation has not yet occurred in Tamil Nadu.
Thus he said.

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