Life for the husband who killed his wife who did not pay for the chain … iCourt confirms!

Muthusamy, a native of Muruganpathy village in Coimbatore district, is also suspicious of his wife’s behavior as he used to quarrel with his wife Deivana over alcohol.

On August 3, 2009, Ottakkal Mandapam asked his wife, who was washing clothes on the river bank, for 50 rupees to drink. His wife Deivana was stabbed six times in the chest and abdomen for refusing to pay. Muthusamy later attempted suicide by stabbing himself in the stomach.

Her sister and husband, who went there after hearing Deivana’s screams, admitted Muthusamy and Deivana to the hospital after they tried to commit suicide. Doctors said Deivana died on the way to the hospital. Muthusamy was later arrested by the Kinnathukadavu police on a charge of murder.

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Muthusamy was sentenced to life imprisonment by the Coimbatore First Additional Sessions Court in 2010 in this case. Muthusamy appealed to the Chennai High Court to quash the sentence.

When the case came up for hearing before Justices BN Prakash and Judge AA Nakkeeran, it was argued on behalf of Muthusamy that the two eyewitnesses in the case of wife murder should not accept them as relatives and did not commit murder with intent.

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But the police side insisted that the murder had been proved beyond a reasonable doubt by not paying for the drink and that the appeal should be dismissed.

After hearing arguments from both sides, the judges upheld Muthusamy’s life sentence and upheld his appeal, citing the fact that he had been stabbed to death six times, claiming that it was an unintentional homicide and that his own children had testified that he often got into disputes with his mother over alcohol. The court ruled.