‘Let Tamil Nadu live as a land of peace!’ – Director Aamir’s letter to the Governor!

Film director Aamir has written a sensational letter to Tamil Nadu Governor RN Ravi.

In a letter to Governor RN Ravi, Director Ameer said:
The Popular Front of India (PFI) is not only one of the most important organizations in the nation today, but also a very charitable organization that is highly polite, disciplined and attended by a large number of educated people.
At a time when the world was under the deadly threat of coronavirus, in an environment where no one came forward to touch the bodies of the victims, the organization also played a key role in standing on the field and burying the mother and father with the utmost respect without anyone even touching them.

Not only this, let it be sunny or rainy. To this day it remains the most important organization in northern India that can stand on the field and fight vigorously against the Sanghwara organizations, including the RSS and the BJP. Governor Ravi has given false information about the PFI in the face of that carnage and in the face of sowing fascism, hatred and religious politics in Tamil Nadu.

A few days ago, BJP’s Tamil Nadu leader Annamalai released an audio on PFI. In that audio too, Governor Ravi had mentioned the same opinion. He has already served as a police officer. So, he clearly knows what will happen if he does. That’s why he secretly leaked the audio of his speech deliberately. Through that he had sown the poisonous seed in Tamil Nadu.
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In addition, the Governor of Tamil Nadu today called for a ban on the PFI. Going one step further than Annamalai, the leader of a political party, and participating in the administration of the state, a responsible incumbent governor would not do such a thing.! None of us would have been surprised if the Governor had said that from the BJP, the leader, or the RSS, the leader.

Ameer Letter To Gov

Already, the governor, who has not even done his duty to put aside the demands of the Tamil Nadu government and the people of Tamil Nadu without approving all these, be it the release of seven or the NEET exemption bill, now intends to intervene in matters unrelated to himself and create tension in Tamil Nadu.

If the PFI is truly involved in terrorist activities and has links with any terrorist organization in the world, it may release evidence. Those who hold the government and power in their hands may dare to publish it in public!
Apart from that, word play which causes confusion and tension among people without any basic evidence is not good.! Not what those in positions of responsibility can do.!

Ameer Letter To Gov

It is painful that those who come to power without being elected by the people routinely act against the people. So, let the governor or the political leaders stop making such hate speeches and let Tamil Nadu live as a land of peace! I kindly put forward the request.
Thus it is stated.