Jharkhand: Congress MLA told Mahagama assembly ‘Mini Pakistan’, BJP said this in retaliation

Jharkhand: Congress MLA told Mahagama assembly ‘Mini Pakistan’, BJP said this in retaliation

Jharkhand News: A defeat in Jharkhand has again created a ruckus due to the statements of Congress MLA Irfan Ansari. Actually, this time Irfan Ansari called the assembly constituency Mahagama as ‘mini Pakistan’, due to which a ruckus arose. Irfan Ansari said that if BJP MP Nishikant Dubey is to be defeated, then a Muslim candidate will have to be fielded from the Godda Lok Sabha constituency. He said that from the point of view of the voters, Mahagama is called Mini Pakistan. Madhupur, Jarmundi and Godda also have Muslim population. Reversing this statement of Irfan Ansari, former Chief Minister Babulal Marandi said that this statement shows his ideology.

On the other hand, BJP MP Nishikant Dubey said that what is the agenda of Congress and JMM, it is visible in the statement of Irfan Ansari. However, seeing the ruckus increasing, Irfan Ansari took a U-turn and said that he has repeated the BJP’s statement. Tell that, BJP Legislature Party leader cum former Chief Minister Babulal Marandi said that Congress MLA Irfan Ansari has described Mahagama assembly constituency as mini Pakistan. Actually, this is the ideology of Irfan Ansari’s mind which comes to the fore from time to time. Referring to the Ranchi violence on June 10, 2022, Babulal Marandi alleged that Irfan Ansari was the one who saved the rebels after the Ranchi riots.

This is the agenda of JMM and Congress – Nishikant Dubey
Babulal Marandi further said that the mind is full of extreme fundamentalism. Full of crazy ideas. Hindu protest is full. In such a situation, virtuous things will not emerge from the mind. Babulal Marandi also said that only MP Nishikant Dubey would be able to give a better answer to Irfan Ansari. Here, countering Babulal Marandi’s allegations, Irfan Ansari said that this same Babulal Marandi used to call me the best secular leader when he was in JMM.

On the other hand, Godda MP Nishikant Dubey said on Irfan Ansari’s statement about Mini Pakistan that what he said was right. This is the agenda of Jharkhand Mukti Morcha and Congress. The main objective of Deepika Pandey Singh in Mahagama, Pradeep Yadav in Podaihat and Alamgir Alam in Pakur is to increase the Muslim population there and use them as vote bank in elections.

The High Court had asked the government to answer
Let us tell you that, recently the Jharkhand High Court has asked the state and central government what information they have about Bangladeshi infiltration in Jharkhand . If infiltration is happening on a large scale, what steps have been taken by the state or central government to stop it. Media reports say that the demography is changing due to Bangladeshi infiltration in districts like Sahibganj, Pakur and Godda of Santal Pargana.

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