Jharkhand: After Jagarnath Mahato, who will become the education minister of Jharkhand, will the son get the legacy of the father?

Jharkhand News: Who will handle the legacy of Jharkhand Education Minister Jagarnath Mahto? After his death, people’s eyes are on the next education minister. After all, who will get the crown of education minister? Now the question is being heard everywhere. Jagarnath Mahato played the role of Education Minister with great responsibility. His dream was that the government schools of Jharkhand should be compared with the private schools. He also made a successful effort to convert government schools into model schools.

Who will get the crown of education minister in Jharkhand?

Always stood firm in the fight for the rights of the people of Jharkhand. It is being speculated that Jagarnath Mahato’s son may get a ministerial post. The by-election will be held on the seat vacated by the death of Jagarnath Mahato. Earlier five by-elections have been held in Jharkhand. All eyes were on Dumka, Bermo, Madhupur, Mandar and Ramgarh bypolls.

Brother Basant Soren won the by-election after Hemant Soren left Dumka seat. After the death of Rajendra Singh, the public voted for his son Anoop Singh in the Bermo by-election.

The death of Jagarnath Mahato raises questions

After the death of Haji Hussain Ansari, son Hafizul Hasan won the Madhupur by-election and became a minister from JMM quota. Bandhu Tirkey’s daughter Neha Tirkey won in the Mandar by-election. In Ramgarh, Congress gave ticket to husband Bajrang Mahto on the seat vacated after Mamta Devi went to jail but had to face defeat from AJSU candidate.

In such a situation, Jharkhand will now face the sixth by-election. Please inform that Jagarnath Mahato merged into Panchatattva on Friday. The last rites were performed at the ancestral village of Bhandaridah, Bokaro. CM Hemant Soren and several ministers were present to pay last respects to Jagarnath Mahato. 

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