Jayakumar becomes Rajya Sabha MP – Gift given by AIADMK!

It has been reported that former AIADMK minister T. Jayakumar is to be elected as a member of the state assembly.

The term of office of 6 MPs elected to Parliamentary States from Tamil Nadu is coming to an end. DMK’s RS Bharathi, DKS The terms of Ilangovan, Rajesh Kumar, AIADMK’s SR Balasubramanian, Navaneetha Krishnan and Vijayakumar are coming to an end soon.

Elections for these vacancies are scheduled for June. Depending on the strength of the MLAs in the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly, the support of 34 or 36 MLAs is required for a state assembly seat. Based on that, DMK will get 3 MP posts and AIADMK will get two MP posts. It is said that the Congress party will ask the DMK for the post of the sixth MP.

In this situation, the question has arisen as to who will be given two seats on behalf of the AIADMK, which are to be elected to the Parliamentary States. It has been reported that Gokula Indira, Ponnaiyan and Chemmalai are vying for the two posts, with former minister Jayakumar in the race.
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It is a well known fact that after the demise of former Chief Minister Jayalalithaa, when Edappadi Palanisamy came to power, Jayakumar met the media and calmly answered their questions. However, in the last 2021 Tamil Nadu Assembly elections, T. Jayakumar, who contested from Rayapuram constituency in Chennai, lost.

Therefore, with two AIADMK MPs to be elected, it is almost certain that one of the posts will be given to former minister T. Jayakumar. Also, it is said that one of Gokula Indira, Ponnaiyan and Chemmalai may get the post of MP. An official announcement is expected in the coming days from the AIADMK leadership.