Jangareddygudem: The teacher who called the student who failed the tent to give special textbooks to the room .. then

AP News: Coronavirus, among other reasons, is known to have reduced the tenth class pass percentage in AP this year. Some schools are conducting special classes for students who fail in this order. However, a teacher behaved indecently towards a student who came to study like this. The incident took place at Jangareddygudem Jadpi High School. According to the student’s relatives and locals, special classes are being conducted in government schools from the 13th of this month as per the orders of the superiors for the students who have failed in the recent Tent Class examinations. It was attended by several students who had failed in public school in this order. After class, a teacher named Meesala Srinivas took Rammantu into the room to give special notes to a student. He then behaved indecently with the student. Attempted sexual assault. With this she went home and told her parents about the Keechaka teacher. The angry relatives went to the school and washed the teacher. The body was cleansed. Upon learning of the information, the police registered a case and launched an investigation. However, similar allegations were made against the same teacher while he was working in Jangareddygudem Mandal, Thirumalapuram. Local police say they have not received any complaint regarding the latest incident.

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