Janasandram coming for Chandrababu’s visit..Leaders in the festival

With TDP chief Chandrababu’s visit to the districts in large numbers, a new festival is emerging among the leaders. It is known that he has been touring the districts for the last few days under the name ‘NTR Sphoorti-Chandranna Bharosa’. Chandrababu started his tour of the districts by organizing a mini mahanadu in Chodavaram, Anakapalli district as part of the NTR centenary celebrations. Chandrababu visited Vijayanagaram, Visakhapatnam and other districts.

Wherever Chandrababu went the people were charioting Brahma. Chandrababu also changed his style. In the past, he used to speak softly to his opponents in public. But that is not the case now. With the powerful dialogues coming from Chandrababu, the enthusiasm among the leaders and functionaries will increase even more.

TDP leaders and activists are getting the impression that Chandrababu is forgetting NTR as people are still waiting for the bars during the emergence of TDP. Political analysts say that the reason for Chandrababu’s visit to be so successful is the public opposition to the YCP. Jagan, who started the administration with demolition, says that one by one he is committing anti-people policies, all of which are being watched by the people and hence now Babu is being jailed.

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